Peterborough Cathedral by Night

Taken during Peterborough Cathedral's open night, this image, along with more of my work, has been selected as part of their exhibition. It will be on display in the Cathedral’s Visitor Centre Exhibition Gallery from the 29th Nov – 6th Jan.

Streets of Peterborough

Taken on a wet moody evening in central Peterborough. I chose to present this image in black and white to emphasize the texture on the walls and the reflections in the water.

The Girl with the Yellow Coat

One of my first successful images, this was shot in China Town, London. I wanted to capture the movement in the streets and was fortunate enough to notice one subject standing still. Using a longer shutter speed blurred the crowd and highlighted the girl in the yellow coat.

Reactor No.5, Chernobyl

This was taken on my second visit to Chernobyl. I find exploring abandoned places fascinating and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the exclusion zone of Pripyat, Ukraine. The hall was pitch black with the gaps around the huge red door as the only natural light source. This made a long exposure a necessity and meant I had to use a hand held torch to achieve the correct exposure on the walkway.

Thorpe Hall

Photographing two models at the same location, I aimed to obtain a variety of different images. The two models had different styles and I wanted to be able capture their individuality.


Another Photograph taken at Thorpe Hall. The light in this particular location was challenging but I persevered and with the use of a wide aperture lens I managed to produce one of my favourite images from this shoot.